Package name to Maven artifactId mappings - Amazon SDK for Java 2.x
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Package name to Maven artifactId mappings

When you migrate your Maven or Gradle project from v1 of the SDK for Java to v2, you need to figure out which dependencies to add to your build file. The approach described in the Migration step-by-step instructions with example (step 3) uses the package names in import statements as a starting point to determine the dependencies (as artifactIds) to add to your build file.

You can use the information in this topic to map the v1 package names to v2 artifactIds.

Common naming convention used in package names and Maven artifactIds

The following table shows the common naming convention that the SDKs use for a given SERVICE_ID. A SERVICE_ID is a unique identifier for an Amazon Web Service. For example, the SERVICE_ID for the Amazon S3 service is s3 and cognitoidentity is the SERVICE_ID for Amazon Cognito Identity.

v1 package name (import statement) v1 artifactId v2 artifactId v2 package name (import statement) aws-java-sdk-SERVICE_ID SERVICE_ID
Example for Amazon Cognito Identity (SERVICE_ID: cognitoidentity) aws-java-sdk-cognitoidentity cognitoidentity

SERVICE_ID differences

Within v1

In some cases the SERVICE_ID differs between the package name and in the artifactId for the same service. For example, the CloudWatch Metrics row of the following table shows that metrics is the SERVICE_ID in the package name but cloudwatchmetrics is the artifactId's SERVICE_ID.

Within v2

There are no differences in the SERVICE_ID used in package names and artifactIds.

Between v1 and v2

For the majority of services, the SERVICE_ID in v2 is the same as v1's SERVICE_ID in both package names and artifactIds. An example of this is the cognitoedentity SERVICE_ID as shown in the previous table. However, some SERVICE_IDs differ between the SDKs as shown in the following table.

A boldface SERVICE_ID in either of the v1 columns indicates that it's different from the SERVICE_ID used in v2.

Service name v1 package name v1 artifactId v2 artifactId v2 package name

All package names begin with as shown in the first row.

All artifactIds are enclosed in tags as shown in the first row.

All artifactIds are enclosed in tags as shown in the first row.

All package names begin with as shown in the first row.

API Gateway <artifactId>aws-java-sdk-api-gateway</artifactId> <artifactId>apigateway</artifactId>
App Registry appregistry appregistry servicecatalogappregistry servicecatalogappregistry
Application Discovery applicationdiscovery discovery applicationdiscovery applicationdiscovery
Augmented AI Runtime augmentedairuntime augmentedairuntime sagemakera2iruntime sagemakera2iruntime
Certificate Manager certificatemanager acm acm acm
CloudControl API cloudcontrolapi cloudcontrolapi cloudcontrol cloudcontrol
CloudSearch cloudsearchv2 cloudsearch cloudsearch cloudsearch
CloudSearch Domain cloudsearchdomain cloudsearch cloudsearchdomain cloudsearchdomain
CloudWatch Events cloudwatchevents events cloudwatchevents cloudwatchevents
CloudWatch Evidently cloudwatchevidently cloudwatchevidently evidently evidently
CloudWatch Logs logs logs cloudwatchlogs cloudwatchlogs
CloudWatch Metrics metrics cloudwatchmetrics cloudwatch cloudwatch
CloudWatch Rum cloudwatchrum cloudwatchrum rum rum
Cognito Identity Provider cognitoidp cognitoidp cognitoidentityprovider cognitoidentityprovider
Connect Campaign connectcampaign connectcampaign connectcampaigns connectcampaigns
Connect Wisdom connectwisdom connectwisdom wisdom wisdom
Database Migration Service databasemigrationservice dms databasemigration databasemigration
DataZone datazone datazoneexternal datazone datazone
DynamoDB dynamodbv2 dynamodb dynamodb dynamodb
Elastic File System elasticfilesystem efs efs efs
Elastic Map Reduce elasticmapreduce emr emr emr
Glue DataBrew gluedatabrew gluedatabrew databrew databrew
IAM Roles Anywhere iamrolesanywhere iamrolesanywhere rolesanywhere rolesanywhere
Identity Management identitymanagement iam iam iam
IoT Data iotdata iot iotdataplane iotdataplane
Kinesis Analytics kinesisanalytics kinesis kinesisanalytics kinesisanalytics
Kinesis Firehose kinesisfirehose kinesis firehose firehose
Kinesis Video Signaling Channels kinesisvideosignalingchannels kinesisvideosignalingchannels kinesisvideosignaling kinesisvideosignaling
Lex lexruntime lex lexruntime lexruntime
Lookout For Vision lookoutforvision lookoutforvision lookoutvision lookoutvision
Mainframe Modernization mainframemodernization mainframemodernization m2 m2
Marketplace Metering marketplacemetering marketplacemeteringservice marketplacemetering marketplacemetering
Managed Grafana managedgrafana managedgrafana grafana grafana
Mechanical Turk mturk mechanicalturkrequester mturk mturk
Migration Hub Strategy Recommendations migrationhubstrategyrecommendations migrationhubstrategyrecommendations migrationhubstrategy migrationhubstrategy
Nimble Studio nimblestudio nimblestudio nimble nimble
Private 5G private5g private5g privatenetworks privatenetworks
Prometheus prometheus prometheus amp amp
Recycle Bin recyclebin recyclebin rbin rbin
Redshift Data API redshiftdataapi redshiftdataapi redshiftdata redshiftdata
Route 53 route53domains route53 route53domains route53domains
Sage Maker Edge Manager sagemakeredgemanager sagemakeredgemanager sagemakeredge sagemakeredge
Security Token securitytoken sts sts sts
Server Migration servermigration servermigration sms sms
Simple Email simpleemail ses ses ses
Simple Email V2 simpleemailv2 sesv2 sesv2 sesv2
Simple Systems Management simplesystemsmanagement ssm ssm ssm
Simple Workflow simpleworkflow simpleworkflow swf swf
Step Functions stepfunctions stepfunctions sfn sfn