Create the HTML - Amazon SDK for JavaScript
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The Amazon SDK for JavaScript V3 API Reference Guide describes in detail all the API operations for the Amazon SDK for JavaScript version 3 (V3).

Starting October 1, 2022, Amazon SDK for JavaScript (v3) will end support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11). For details, see Announcing the end of support for Internet Explorer 11 in the Amazon SDK for JavaScript (v3).

Create the HTML

This topic is part of a tutorial that create an Amazon Lex chatbot within a web application to engage your web site visitor. To start at the beginning of the tutorial, see Building an Amazon Lex chatbot.

Create a file named index.html. Copy and paste the code below in to index.html. This HTML references main.js. This is a bundled version of index.js, which includes the required Amazon SDK for JavaScript modules. You'll create this file in Create the HTML. index.html also references style.css, which adds the styles.

<!DOCTYPE html> <head> <title>Amazon Lex - Sample Application (BookTrip)</title> <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="style.css"> </head> <body> <h1 id="title">Amazon Lex - BookTrip</h1> <p id="intro"> This multiple language chatbot shows you how easy it is to incorporate <a href="" title="Amazon Lex (product)" target="_new">Amazon Lex</a> into your web apps. Try it out. </p> <div id="conversation"></div> <input type="text" id="wisdom" size="80" value="" placeholder="J'ai besoin d'une chambre d'hôtel"> <br> <button onclick="createResponse()">Send Text</button> <script type="text/javascript" src="./main.js"></script> </body>

This code is also available here on GitHub.