Important warnings and guidance for credentials - Amazon SDK for .NET
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Important warnings and guidance for credentials

Warnings for credentials
  • Do NOT use your account's root credentials to access Amazon resources. These credentials provide unrestricted account access and are difficult to revoke.

  • Do NOT put literal access keys in your application files. If you do, you create a risk of accidentally exposing your credentials if, for example, you upload the project to a public repository.

  • Do NOT include files that contain credentials in your project area.

  • Credentials in one of the credential-storage mechanisms, the shared Amazon credentials file, are stored in plaintext.

Additional guidance for securely managing credentials

For a general discussion of how to securely manage Amazon credentials, see Best practices for managing Amazon access keys in the Amazon General Reference. In addition to that discussion, consider the following:

  • Create IAM users and use their credentials instead of using your Amazon root user. IAM user credentials can be revoked if necessary. In addition, you can apply a policy to each IAM user for access to certain resources and actions.

  • Use IAM roles for applications that are running on Amazon EC2 instances.

  • Use temporary credentials or environment variables for applications that are available to users outside your organization.