Create an Aurora Serverless work item tracker - Amazon SDK for PHP
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Create an Aurora Serverless work item tracker


Shows how to use the Amazon SDK for PHP to create a web application that tracks work items in an Amazon RDS database and emails reports by using Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES). This example uses a front end built with React.js to interact with a RESTful PHP backend.

  • Integrate a React.js web application with Amazon services.

  • List, add, update, and delete items in an Amazon RDS table.

  • Send an email report of filtered work items using Amazon SES.

  • Deploy and manage example resources with the included Amazon CloudFormation script.

For complete source code and instructions on how to set up and run, see the full example on GitHub.

Services used in this example
  • Aurora

  • Amazon RDS

  • Amazon RDS Data Service

  • Amazon SES