IDE Toolkits - Amazon SDKs and Tools
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IDE Toolkits

Amazon Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Toolkits are plugins and extensions that enable access to Amazon services from your IDE.

For detailed information about each of the IDE Toolkits, see these Toolkit User Guides:

The following sections contain support information, maintenance reports, and notifications for Amazon IDE Toolkits.

Telemetry Notification

Amazon IDE Toolkits may collect and store client-side telemetry data to inform decisions regarding future Amazon Toolkit releases. The data collected quantifies your usage of the Amazon Toolkit.

To learn more about the telemetry data collected across all of the Amazon IDE Toolkits, see the commonDefinitions.json document in the aws-toolkit-common Github repository.

For detailed information about the telemetry data collected by each of the Amazon IDE Toolkits, reference the resource documents in the following Amazon Toolkits' Github repositories:

Certain Amazon services that are accessible from the Toolkits may collect additional client-side telemetry data, such as Amazon CodeWhisperer. For detailed information about the type of data collected by CodeWhisperer or how to opt out of client-side telemetry for CodeWhisperer, see the Sharing your data with Amazon topic in the Amazon CodeWhisperer User Guide.