Post-quantum TLS - Amazon Secrets Manager
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Post-quantum TLS

Secrets Manager supports a hybrid post-quantum key exchange option for the Transport Layer Security (TLS) network encryption protocol. You can use this TLS option when you connect to Secrets Manager API endpoints. We're offering this feature before post-quantum algorithms are standardized so you can begin testing the effect of these key exchange protocols on Secrets Manager calls. These optional hybrid post-quantum key exchange features are at least as secure as the TLS encryption we use today and are likely to provide additional security benefits. However, they affect latency and throughput compared to the classic key exchange protocols in use today.

To protect data encrypted today against potential future attacks, Amazon is participating with the cryptographic community in the development of quantum-resistant or post-quantum algorithms. We've implemented hybrid post-quantum key exchange cipher suites in Secrets Manager endpoints. These hybrid cipher suites, which combine classic and post-quantum elements, ensure that your TLS connection is at least as strong as it would be with classic cipher suites. However, because the performance characteristics and bandwidth requirements of hybrid cipher suites are different from those of classic key exchange mechanisms, we recommend that you test them on your API calls.

Secrets Manager supports PQTLS in all Regions except China Regions.

To configure hybrid post-quantum TLS
  1. Add the Amazon Common Runtime client to your Maven dependencies. We recommend using the latest available version. For example, this statement adds version 2.20.0.

    <dependency> <groupId></groupId> <artifactId>aws-crt-client</artifactId> <version>2.20.0</version> </dependency>
  2. Add the Amazon SDK for Java 2.x to your project and initialize it. Enable the hybrid post-quantum cipher suites on your HTTP client.

    SdkAsyncHttpClient awsCrtHttpClient = AwsCrtAsyncHttpClient.builder() .postQuantumTlsEnabled(true) .build();
  3. Create the Secrets Manager asynchronous client.

    SecretsManagerAsyncClient SecretsManagerAsync = SecretsManagerAsyncClient.builder() .httpClient(awsCrtHttpClient) .build();

    Now when you call Secrets Manager API operations, your calls are transmitted to the Secrets Manager endpoint using hybrid post-quantum TLS.

For more information about using hybrid post-quantum TLS, see:

Post-quantum TLS for Secrets Manager is available in all Amazon Web Services Regions except China.