SecretCacheConfiguration - Amazon Secrets Manager
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Cache configuration options for a SecretsManagerCache, such as maximum cache size and Time to Live (TTL) for cached secrets.



public uint CacheItemTTL { get; set; }

The TTL of a cache item in milliseconds. The default is 3600000 ms or 1 hour. The maximum is 4294967295 ms, which is approximately 49.7 days.


public ushort MaxCacheSize { get; set; }

The maximum cache size. The default is 1024 secrets. The maximum is 65,535.


public string VersionStage { get; set; }

The version of secrets that you want to cache. For more information, see Secret versions. The default is "AWSCURRENT".


public IAmazonSecretsManager Client { get; set; }

The AmazonSecretsManagerClient to retrieve secrets from. If it is null, the cache instantiates a new client. The default is null.


public ISecretCacheHook CacheHook { get; set; }

A ISecretCacheHook.