SecretCacheConfig - Amazon Secrets Manager
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Cache configuration options for a SecretCache such as max cache size and Time to Live (TTL) for cached secrets.

max_cache_size (int)

The maximum cache size. The default is 1024 secrets.

exception_retry_delay_base (int)

The number of seconds to wait after an exception is encountered before retrying the request. The default is 1.

exception_retry_growth_factor (int)pur

The growth factor to use for calculating the wait time between retries of failed requests. The default is 2.

exception_retry_delay_max (int)

The maximum amount of time in seconds to wait between failed requests. The default is 3600.

default_version_stage (str)

The version of secrets that you want to cache. For more information, see Secret versions. The default is 'AWSCURRENT'.

secret_refresh_interval (int)

The number of seconds to wait between refreshing cached secret information. The default is 3600.

secret_cache_hook (SecretCacheHook)

An implementation of the SecretCacheHook abstract class. The default value is None.