Rotate an Amazon Secrets Manager secret immediately - Amazon Secrets Manager
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Rotate an Amazon Secrets Manager secret immediately

You can only rotate a secret that has rotation configured. To determine whether a secret has been configured for rotation, in the console, view the secret and scroll down to the Rotation configuration section. If Rotation status is Enabled, then the secret is configured for rotation. If not, see Rotate Amazon Secrets Manager secrets.

To rotate a secret immediately (console)
  1. Open the Secrets Manager console at

  2. Choose your secret.

  3. On the secret details page, under Rotation configuration, choose Rotate secret immediately.

  4. In the Rotate secret dialog box, choose Rotate.

Amazon CLI

Example Rotate a secret immediately

The following rotate-secret example starts an immediate rotation. The secret must already have rotation configured.

aws secretsmanager rotate-secret \ --secret-id MyTestSecret