AwsRoute53HostedZoneDetails - Amazon Security Hub
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Provides details about a specified Amazon Route 53 hosted zone, including the four name servers assigned to the hosted zone. A hosted zone represents a collection of records that can be managed together, belonging to a single parent domain name.



An object that contains information about the specified hosted zone.

Type: AwsRoute53HostedZoneObjectDetails object

Required: No


An object that contains a list of the authoritative name servers for a hosted zone or for a reusable delegation set.

Type: Array of strings

Pattern: .*\S.*

Required: No


An array that contains one QueryLoggingConfig element for each DNS query logging configuration that is associated with the current Amazon Web Services account.

Type: AwsRoute53QueryLoggingConfigDetails object

Required: No


An object that contains information about the Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (Amazon VPCs) that are associated with the specified hosted zone.

Type: Array of AwsRoute53HostedZoneVpcDetails objects

Required: No

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