What is Amazon Server Migration Service? - Amazon Server Migration Service
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Product update

We recommend Amazon Application Migration Service (Amazon MGN) as the primary migration service for lift-and-shift migrations. If Amazon MGN is unavailable in a specific Amazon Region, you can use the Amazon SMS APIs through March 2023.

What is Amazon Server Migration Service?

Amazon Server Migration Service (Amazon SMS) automates the migration of your on-premises VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V/SCVMM, and Azure virtual machines to the Amazon Cloud. Amazon SMS incrementally replicates your server VMs as cloud-hosted Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) ready for deployment on Amazon EC2. Working with AMIs, you can easily test and update your cloud-based images before deploying them in production.

By using Amazon SMS to manage your server migrations, you can:

  • Simplify the cloud migration process. You can begin by migrating a group of servers using the Amazon CLI. After the migration has initiated, Amazon SMS manages all the complexities of the migration process, including automatically replicating volumes of live servers to Amazon and creating new AMIs periodically. You can quickly launch EC2 instances from AMIs in the console.

  • Orchestrate multi-server migrations. Amazon SMS orchestrates server migrations by allowing you to schedule replications and track progress of a group of servers that constitutes an application. You can schedule initial replications, configure replication intervals, and track progress for each server using the Amazon CLI. When you launch a migrated application, you can apply customized configuration scripts that run during startup.

  • Test server migrations incrementally: With support for incremental replication, Amazon SMS allows fast, scalable testing of migrated servers. Because Amazon SMS utilizes incremental replication, it transfers only the changes to the cloud. Therefore, you can test small changes iteratively and save on network bandwidth.

  • Support the most widely used operating systems. Amazon SMS supports the replication of operating system images containing Windows, as well as several major Linux distributions.

  • Minimize downtime. Incremental Amazon SMS replication minimizes the business impact associated with application downtime during the final cutover.

Use of Amazon SMS is limited as follows:

  • 50 concurrent VM migrations per account, unless a customer requests a limit increase.

  • 90 days of service usage per VM (not per account), beginning with the initial replication of a VM. We terminate an ongoing replication after 90 days unless a customer requests a limit increase.

  • 50 concurrent application migrations per account, with a limit of 10 groups and 50 servers in each application.


Amazon Server Migration Service requires TCP ports 80, 8080, and 443 to be open on your Amazon accounts. Contact your account manager or log a case with Amazon Support to authorize access to these ports. For more information see ICP in China.


There is no additional fee to use Server Migration Service. You pay the standard fees for the S3 buckets, EBS volumes, and data transfer used during the migration process, and for the EC2 instances that you run. For more information, see Amazon Server Migration Service pricing.