Getting started with Service Quotas - Service Quotas
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Getting started with Service Quotas

When you open the Service Quotas console, the dashboard displays cards for up to nine services. Each card lists the number of service quotas for the Amazon Web Service. Choosing a card opens a page that displays the quotas for the service. You can choose which services appear on the dashboard.

To modify the dashboard service cards
  1. Sign in to the Amazon Web Services Management Console and open the Service Quotas console at

  2. On the dashboard, choose Modify dashboard cards.

  3. The services that are currently selected appear on the right. If you have selected nine services, you must remove a service before you can add a different service. For each service that you don't need on the dashboard, choose Remove.

  4. To add a service to the dashboard, select it from Choose services.

  5. When you have finished adding and removing services, choose Save.