Step 2: Choose your shipping, security, and notification preferences - Amazon Snowball Edge Developer Guide
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Step 2: Choose your shipping, security, and notification preferences

  1. In the Shipping Address section, choose an existing address or create a new one.

    • Note

      The country in the address must match the destination country for the device, and must be valid for that country.

  2. In Choose service access type, do one of the following:

    • Allow Snow Family to create a new service-linked role for you with all of the necessary permissions to publish CloudWatch metrics and Amazon SNS notifications for your Snow Family jobs.

    • Add an existing service role that has the necessary permissions. For an example of how to set up this role, see Example 4: Expected Role Permissions and Trust Policy.

  3. For Send notifications, choose whether to send notifications. Note that if you choose Do not send notification about data migration plans, you won't receive notifications from this plan, but you will still receive job notifications.

  4. For Set notifications,

    • choose Use an existing SNS topic

    • or Create a new SNS topic.