Using an Amazon Snowball Edge Device - Amazon Snowball Edge Developer Guide
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Using an Amazon Snowball Edge Device

For information about unlocking an Amazon Snowball Edge device, see Unlocking the Snow Family device.

When the device first arrives, inspect it for damage or obvious tampering.


If you notice anything that looks suspicious about the device, don't connect it to your internal network. Instead, contact Amazon Web Services Support, and a new one will be shipped to you.

The following image shows what the Amazon Snowball Edge device looks like.

Device with front and top covers closed. Case of device is gray and handles on top are orange. E Ink display visble on top.

The device has three doors—a front, a back, and a top—that all can be opened by latches. The top door contains the power cable for the device. The other two doors can be opened and slid inside the device so that they're out of the way while you're using it. By opening the doors, you get access to the LCD E Ink display embedded in the front side of the device, and the power and network ports in the back.

After your device arrives and is powered on, you're ready to use it.