Troubleshooting Data Transfer Issues - Amazon Snowcone User Guide
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Troubleshooting Data Transfer Issues

Access Denied by Server

Error: mount.nfs - access denied by server while mounting

Action to take

If you configured NFS using quick setup, then by default, only your system will have access to transfer files to this device. If you wish to allow other hosts to upload data to the Snowcone, then disable the NFS service, re-enable the service with the list of IP addresses you want to allow in the NFS configuration.

Connection Times Out During Data Transfer

The connection times out when attempting to transfer data to Amazon Snowcone using the Amazon S3 Interface (via Amazon CLI).

Reason for this expected behavior

The Amazon Snowcone device only supports transfers via the NFS mount for offline transfers and Amazon DataSync for online transfers; Amazon S3 Interface is not currently supported. This would explain why you experience timeouts when connecting using the Amazon CLI.

Spawn Showmount ENOENT

Error: Uncaught Error - spawn showmount ENOENT. It's an abbreviation of Error NO ENTry (or Error NO ENTity), and can actually be used for more than files/directories.

Action to take

This error can occur if NFS client is not running on the workstation. If the NFS service was not started prior to configuring NFS in Amazon OpsHub, you might see this error.

On a Windows client, you can verify if the NFS Service is running by performing the following steps:

  1. On your client computer, open Start, choose Control Panel and choose Programs.

  2. Choose Turn Windows features on or off.

  3. Under Services for NFS, choose Client for NFS and choose OK. Reference: Mounting NFS on a Windows client

This error can also occur if there is a firewall/antivirus between the workstation running Amazon OpsHub and the device that could block the connection.

From the workstation, run the telnet to the Amazon Snowcone device IP address command on the NFS port number 2049 to check if the connection is established successfully.