Troubleshooting Network Problems - Amazon Snowcone User Guide
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Troubleshooting Network Problems

IP Address is

You are plugged in the network and the power cables but the device IP Address shows

Action to take

Ensure the cabling between the Snowcone and the network devices is checked properly.

If the device still fails to show an IP address, check the router for problems related to malfunctioning or configuration that may lead to the IP configuration failure.

If the network doesn't have DHCP enabled ensure that you set up a static IP on the device using the STATIC option from the Snowcone display and programming the device with the appropriate static IP address.

Unable to Unlock Device

You are unable to unlock the device using OpsHub or Snowball edge client.

Action to take

Ensure that the client is in the same subnet and in the same network as the Amazon Snowcone device.

If the Snowcone has multiple IP Address assignments (for example, WiFi and Ethernet), then ensure that you are using the same IP address to connect if multiple clients are trying to respond to Snowcone. Note that you can only use one interface at a time.

If the steps above do not work, please engage Amazon Web Services Support providing the logs from the device. Use the Snowball Edge client and the command: snowballEdge get-support-logs