Unlocking a device locally - Amazon Snowcone User Guide
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Unlocking a device locally

This video shows how to unlock a Snow Family device locally using Amazon OpsHub.

To connect and unlock your device locally
  1. Open the flap on your device, locate the power cord, and connect it to a power source.

  2. Connect the device to your network using an Ethernet cable (typically an RJ45 cable), then open the front panel and power on the device.

  3. Open the Amazon OpsHub application. If you are a first-time user, you are prompted to choose a language. Then choose Next.

  4. On the Get started with OpsHub page, choose Sign in to local devices, and then choose Sign in.

                            Get started with Amazon OpsHub page
  5. On the Sign in to local devices page, choose your Snow Family devices type, and then choose Sign in.

    If you don't have a device, you can order one.

  6. On the Sign in page, enter the Device IP address and Unlock code. To select the device manifest, choose Choose file, and then choose Sign in.

                            Amazon OpsHub sign in page
  7. (Optional) Save your device's credentials as a profile. Name the profile and choose Save profile name. For more information about profiles, see Managing profiles.

  8. On the Local devices tab, choose a device to see its details, such as the network interfaces and Amazon services that are running on the device. You can also see details for clusters from this tab, or manage your devices just as you do with the Amazon Command Line Interface (Amazon CLI). For more information, see Managing Amazon services on your device.


    Available storage space on the Snowcone device is not accurate until the NFS service is started. See Using NFS file shares to manage file storage.

    For devices that have Amazon Snow Device Management installed, you can choose Enable remote management to turn on the feature. For more information, see Using Amazon Snow Device Management to Manage Devices.