Step 1: Choose a job type - Amazon Snowcone User Guide
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Step 1: Choose a job type

The first step in creating a job is to determine the type of job that you need and to start planning it using the Amazon Snow Family Management Console.

To choose your job type
  1. Sign in to the Amazon Web Services Management Console, and open the Amazon Snow Family Management Console. If this is your first time creating a job in this Amazon Web Services Region, you will see the Amazon Snow Family page. Otherwise you will see the list of existing jobs.

  2. If this is your first job, choose Order an Amazon Snow Family device. If you're expecting multiple jobs to migrate over 500 TB of data, choose Create your large data migration plan greater than 500 TB. Otherwise, choose Create Job in the left navigation bar. Choose Next step to open the Plan your job page.

  3. In the Job name section, provide a name for your job in the Job name box.

  4. Depending on your use case, choose one of the following job types:

    • Import into Amazon S3 – Have Amazon ship an empty Snowcone device to you. You connect the device to your local network and configure the device using OpsHub. You copy data to the device using NFS share, ship it back to Amazon, and your data is uploaded to Amazon S3.

    • Local compute and storage only – Perform compute and storage workloads on the device without transferring data.

    • Import virtual tapes into Amazon Storage Gateway – Amazon ships an empty Snow Family device configured as a Tape Gateway. You transfer the data to the device in the form of virtual tapes, and ship it back. Amazon ingests the data and displays it as virtual tapes in the Amazon Storage Gateway console. Your data is then erased from the device.

  5. Choose Next to continue.