List remote-manageable devices - Amazon Snowcone User Guide
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List remote-manageable devices

To return a list of all devices on your account that have Snow Device Management enabled in the Amazon Web Services Region where the command is run, use the list-devices command. --max-results and --next-token are optional. For more information, see Using Amazon CLI pagination options in the "Amazon Command Line Interface User Guide".

To list remote-manageable devices, use the following command. Replace each user input placeholder with your own information.


aws snow-device-management list-devices \ --max-results 10


ValidationException InternalServerException ThrottlingException AccessDeniedException


{ "devices": [ { "associatedWithJob": "ID2bf11d5a-ea1e-414a-b5b1-3bf7e6a6e111", "managedDeviceId": "smd-fictbgr3rbcjeqa5", "managedDeviceArn": "arn:aws:snow-device-management:us-west-2:000000000000:managed-device/smd-fictbgr3rbcje111" "tags": {} } ] }