Amazon Snowcone quotas - Amazon Snowcone User Guide
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Amazon Snowcone quotas

Following, you can find information about the quotas for using your Snowcone device.

Snowcone Disk Storage

Internally, your Snowcone device contains 8 TB or 14 TB of disk storage that you can use with the internal Network File System (NFS) service or with local Amazon EC2-compatible instances through a local Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volume presentation. You can use this storage for either NFS or Amazon EBS, but not both. You can allocate your storage depending on your use case. Be aware that the storage is pre-allocated when you place your Snowcone order.

Compute Job Storage

If the job type is local compute, you might create a total of 8 TB or 14 TB of local Amazon EBS volumes and attach them to Amazon EC2-compatible instances. Using Amazon EBS volumes allows the local Amazon EC2 instances to access more local capacity than the root volume alone. Because this is local storage only, data written to the Amazon EBS volumes is lost when the device is returned to Amazon because it can't be imported into Amazon S3.

Compute resources quotas

Available Compute Resources for Snowcone Devices Quotas for Storage

The following table outlines the available compute resources for Snowcone devices and their quotas for storage.

Instance type vCPU cores Memory (GiB) Quota
snc1.micro 1 1 2
snc1.small 1 2 2
snc1.medium 2 4 1

Amazon Machine Image (AMI) and Amazon EC2 Capacity Quotas for Snowcone Devices

The following table outlines the AMI and Amazon EC2-compatible instance capacity quotas for a Snowcone device.

Amazon EC2 Size
Amazon EC2-compatible AMIs 125 GB (the combined size of all the AMIs used in a customer's job)
Amazon EC2-compatible instances 150 GB (represents the space available for the backing storage volumes for the instances)

Limitations for shipping a Snowcone device

The following are the limitations for shipping a Snowcone device:

  • Amazon will not ship a Snowcone device to a post office box.

  • Moving a Snowcone device to an address outside of the country specified when the job was created is not allowed and is a violation of the Amazon Service Terms.

For more information about shipping, see Shipping Considerations for Amazon Snowcone.

Limitations on processing your returned Snowcone device for import

To import your data into the Amazon Web Services Cloud, the Snowcone device must meet the following requirements:

  • The Snowcone device must not be compromised. Except for opening the doors on the front and back, don't open the Snowcone device for any reason.

  • The device must not be physically damaged. To prevent damage, close the two doors on the Snowcone device and press until the latches make an audible clicking sound.

  • Unless a shipping label is provided by Amazon, the E Ink display on the Snowcone device must be visible, and it must show the return label that was automatically generated when you finished transferring your data to the Snowcone device.


All Snowcone devices returned that do not meet these requirements are erased without work performed on them.

Available Amazon Web Services Regions

For information about the supported Amazon Web Services Regions and endpoints, see Amazon Snow Family endpoints and quotas in the Amazon Web Services General Reference.