Shipping Considerations for Amazon Snowcone - Amazon Snowcone User Guide
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Shipping Considerations for Amazon Snowcone

When you create a job, you specify a shipping address and shipping speed. This shipping speed doesn’t indicate how soon you can expect to receive the Amazon Snowcone device from the day you created the job. It only shows the time that the device is in transit between Amazon and your shipping address. That time doesn’t include any time for processing, which depends on factors including job type (exports take longer than imports, typically). Also, carriers generally only pick up outgoing Amazon Snowcone devices once a day. Thus, processing before shipping can take a day or more.


Snow Family devices can only be returned to the same Amazon Web Services Region where the devices were ordered. Some Amazon Regions support sending Snow Family devices to a different country than from which the device was ordered. See for more information.

Preparing an Amazon Snowcone Device for Shipping

The following explains how to prepare a Snowcone and ship it back to Amazon.

To prepare an Amazon Snowcone device for shipping
  1. Make sure that you've finished transferring all the data for this job to or from the Amazon Snowcone device. Unlock the device.

  2. Press the power button on the front of the device, located near the indicator lights, opposite the network ports. It takes about 20 seconds for the device to power off.


    If you've powered off and unplugged the Amazon Snowcone device, and your shipping label doesn't appear after about a minute on the E Ink display on top of the device, contact Amazon Web Services Support.

Shipping an Amazon Snowcone Device


Unless personally instructed otherwise by Amazon, don't affix a separate shipping label to the Amazon Snowcone device. Always use the shipping label that is displayed on the Amazon Snowcone device E Ink display.