Origination numbers - Amazon Simple Notification Service
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Origination numbers

An origination number is a numeric string that identifies an SMS message sender's phone number. When you send an SMS message using an origination number, the recipient's device shows the origination number as the sender's phone number. You can specify different origination numbers by use case.


To view a list of all existing origination numbers in your Amazon account, in the navigation pane of the Amazon SNS console, choose Origination numbers.

Support for origination numbers is not available in countries where local laws require the use of sender IDs instead of origination numbers.

U.S. product number comparison

This table shows the support comparison for U.S. phone number types.

Product feature Short code Toll-free number 10DLC

Number format

5-6 digits

10-digit number

10-digit number

Channel support




SMS traffic type

Promotional and transactional


Promotional and transactional

Requires vetting




Estimated provisioning time

12 weeks¹

15 business days

1 week

SMS throughput (number of SMS messages per second)²

100 message parts per second; higher throughput available for an additional fee.

3 message parts per second

Varies based on your 10DLC registration. Supports up to 100 message parts per second.

Keywords required

Opt-in, opt-out, and HELP

STOP, UNSTOP. These are network-managed. You cannot change the opt-out and opt back in messages.

Opt-in, opt-out, and HELP

¹ Provisioning estimate doesn't include approval time.

² For more information on the maximum size for SMS messages, see Publishing to a mobile phone.