Archived message format in OpenSearch Service indices - Amazon Simple Notification Service
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Archived message format in OpenSearch Service indices

The following example shows an Amazon SNS notification sent to an Amazon OpenSearch Service (OpenSearch Service) index named my-index. This index has a time filter field on the Timestamp field. The SNS notification is placed in the _source property of the payload.


In this example, raw message delivery is disabled for the published message. When raw message delivery is disabled, Amazon SNS adds JSON metadata to the message, including these properties:

  • Type

  • MessageId

  • TopicArn

  • Subject

  • Timestamp

  • UnsubscribeURL

  • MessageAttributes

For more information about raw delivery, see Amazon SNS raw message delivery.

{ "_index": "my-index", "_type": "_doc", "_id": "49613100963111323203250405402193283794773886550985932802.0", "_version": 1, "_score": null, "_source": { "Type": "Notification", "MessageId": "bf32e294-46e3-5dd5-a6b3-bad65162e136", "TopicArn": "arn:aws-cn:sns:us-east-1:111111111111:my-topic", "Subject": "Sample subject", "Message": "Sample message", "Timestamp": "2020-12-02T22:29:21.189Z", "UnsubscribeURL": "", "MessageAttributes": { "my_attribute": { "Type": "String", "Value": "my_value" } } }, "fields": { "Timestamp": [ "2020-12-02T22:29:21.189Z" ] }, "sort": [ 1606948161189 ] }