Registering a company - Amazon Simple Notification Service
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Registering a company

Before you can request a 10DLC, you need to register your company with The Campaign Registry.


Amazon SNS SMS messaging is available in Regions where Amazon Pinpoint is not currently supported. In these cases, open the Amazon Pinpoint console in the US East (N. Virginia) Region to register your 10DLC company and campaign, but do not request a 10DLC number. Instead, open a case in the Amazon Web Services Support Center to request a 10DLC number in the Amazon Region where you use or plan to use Amazon SNS to send SMS messages. For information on Regions where Amazon Pinpoint is available, see Amazon Pinpoint endpoints and quotas in the Amazon General Reference.

Register the company

You need to register your company only once. After it's registered, you won't be able to make any direct changes to company information other than through filing a support request, described later in this section.


You can only register a company in a single Amazon account. If you have multiple accounts, such as Test, Development, and Production accounts, you should only register in the Production account. You can then use cross-account access to send messages through the 10DLC phone number in your other accounts. Do not enter fictitious or placeholder information in the registration process. For more information on setting up cross-account access, see 10DLC cross-account access.

To register a company

The first step before using a 10DLC is to register your company and provide contact information. You do this using the Amazon Pinpoint (not Amazon SNS) console.

  1. Sign in to the Amazon Web Services Management Console and open the Amazon Pinpoint console at

  2. Under Account Settings, and then under SMS and voice, choose 10DLC campaigns.

  3. Choose Register company.

  4. On the Register your company page, you'll see Registration fee. This is a one-time fee associated with registering your company. This cost is separate from any other monthly costs or fees, and is charged to you only when your company has been registered.

  5. In the Company info section, provide the following information:

    • Legal company name – This is the name under which the company is registered. You must use the company's legal name. Do not modify or change this name.

    • What type of legal form is this organization – Choose one of the following from the dropdown list: Private profit, Public for profit, or Not for profit.

    • If you choose Public for profit, you're prompted to supply the company's stock symbol and the stock exchange on which it's listed.

    • Choose the country where the company is registered from the Country of registration list.

    • If the company is known by any name other than its registered name, enter that name in the Doing Business As (DBA) or brand name field.

    • Enter the business's Tax ID. In the United States, this is a 9-digit number. A tax ID is required, so you must provide an actual tax ID. Do not leave this blank or complete with false information.

    • For Vertical, choose the vertical market that most closely resembles the company you're registering.

  6. In the Contact info section, provide contact information for contacting the company.

    • Address/Street – The physical street address.

    • City – The city in which the physical address is located.

    • State or region – The state or region where the address is located.

    • Zip Code /Postal Code – The associated ZIP or postal code for the address.

    • Company website – Provide the full URL, including HTTP or HTTPS.

    • Support email – The full email address where your company support can be contacted.

    • Support phone number – The phone number, using an E.164 format, where your company support can be contacted. For example, 12065550101. You don't need to supply the leading +.

  7. When you're finished, choose Create. This submits your company registration to The Campaign Registry. Typically, approval is instantaneous.

  8. After your company is registered, you can create a 10DLC campaign. For information about creating a 10DLC campaign, see Registering a 10DLC campaign.

Editing or deleting a company

After a company is registered, you can't change or delete it except through filing a support request.

To edit or delete a company

  1. Sign in to the Amazon Web Services Management Console and open the Amazon Pinpoint console at

  2. Under Account Settings, and then under SMS and voice, choose 10DLC campaigns.

  3. To open the Company info page, choose the link of the company you want to modify.


    On the Company info page you can also create a new 10DLC campaign.

  4. To open Support Center, choose Request to delete/edit.

  5. On the Support page, choose Create case.

  6. For the case type, choose Service limit increase.

  7. For the Limit type, choose Pinpoint.

  8. In the Requests section, choose the Region, and then for the Limit, choose 10DLC.

  9. For Use case description, enter the company name you want to delete or edit, and then provide details for what you want to be done.

  10. Under Contact options, for Preferred contact language, choose the language that you prefer to use when communicating with the Amazon Support team.

  11. For Contact method, choose your preferred method of communicating with the Amazon Support team.

  12. Choose Submit.