Adding and verifying phone numbers in the SMS sandbox - Amazon Simple Notification Service
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Adding and verifying phone numbers in the SMS sandbox

To get started with sending SMS messages while your Amazon account is in the SMS sandbox, create an origination identity, add the destination phone numbers, and then verify them.


As with accounts that aren't in the SMS sandbox, an origination identity is required before you can send SMS messages to recipients in some countries or regions. For more information, see Supported countries and regions.

Origination IDs include sender IDs and different types of origination numbers. To view your existing origination numbers, in the navigation pane of the Amazon SNS console, choose Origination numbers. Currently, sender IDs don't appear in this list.

To add and verify destination phone numbers
  1. Sign in to the Amazon SNS console.

  2. Create an origination identity for the phone number.

  3. In the console menu, choose an Amazon Region that supports SMS messaging.

  4. In the navigation pane, choose Text messaging (SMS).

  5. On the Mobile text messaging (SMS) page, under Sandbox destination phone numbers, choose Add phone number.

  6. Under Destination details, enter the country code and phone number, specify what language to use for the verification message, and then choose Add phone number.

    Amazon SNS sends a one-time password (OTP) to the destination phone number. If the destination phone number doesn't receive the OTP within 15 minutes, choose Resend verification code. You can send the OTP to the same destination phone number up to five times every 24 hours.

  7. In the Verification code box, enter the OTP sent to the destination phone number, and then choose Verify phone number.

    The destination phone number and its verification status appear in the Sandbox destination phone numbers section. If the verification status is Pending, verification was unsuccessful. This can happen, for example, if you didn't enter the country code with the phone number. You can delete pending or verified destination phone numbers only after 24 hours or more have passed since verification or the last verification attempt.

  8. Repeat these steps in each Region where you want to use this destination phone number.

Troubleshooting non-receipt of an OTP text

Troubleshoot common problems that may prevent a phone number from receiving OTP texts.

  • Amazon SNS SMS spending limit: If your Amazon Web Services account has exceeded the spending limit for sending SMS messages, further messages, including OTP texts, might not be delivered until the limit is increased or the billing issue is resolved.

  • Phone number not opted in for SMS notifications: In some countries or regions, recipients must opt in to receive SMS messages from short codes, which are commonly used for OTP texts. If the recipient's phone number is not opted in, they will not receive the OTP text.

  • Carrier restrictions or filtering: Some mobile carriers may have restrictions or filtering mechanisms in place that prevent delivery of certain types of SMS messages, including OTP texts. This could be due to security policies or anti-spam measures implemented by the carrier.

  • Invalid or incorrect phone number: If the phone number provided by the recipient is incorrect or invalid, the OTP text will not be delivered.

  • Network issues: Temporary network issues or outages could prevent the delivery of SMS messages, including OTP texts, to the recipient's phone.

  • Delayed delivery: In some cases, SMS messages may experience delays in delivery due to network congestion or other factors. The OTP text may eventually be delivered, but it could be delayed beyond the expected timeframe.

  • Account suspension or termination: If there are issues with your Amazon Web Services account, such as non-payment or violation of Amazon terms of service, Amazon SNS messaging capabilities, including OTP texts, may be suspended or terminated.