Troubleshooting Amazon SNS topics - Amazon Simple Notification Service
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Troubleshooting Amazon SNS topics

This section provides information about troubleshooting Amazon SNS topics.

Troubleshooting Amazon SNS topics using Amazon X-Ray

Amazon X-Ray collects data about requests that your application serves, and lets you view and filter data to identify potential issues and opportunities for optimization. For any traced request to your application, you can see detailed information about the request, the response, and the calls that your application makes to downstream Amazon resources, microservices, databases and HTTP web APIs.

You can use X-Ray with Amazon SNS to trace and analyze the messages that travel through your application. You can use the Amazon Web Services Management Console to view the map of connections between Amazon SNS and other services that your application uses. You can also use the console to view metrics such as average latency and failure rates. For more information, see Amazon SNS and Amazon X-Ray in the Amazon X-Ray Developer Guide.