Manage AWS Elemental MediaConvert with Step Functions - Amazon Step Functions
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Manage AWS Elemental MediaConvert with Step Functions

Experiment with Step Functions and MediaConvert

Learn how to use the MediaConvert optimized integration in a workflow that detects and removes SMTPE color bars of unknown length from the beginning of a video clip. Read the blog post from Apr, 12, 2024: Low code workflows with AWS Elemental MediaConvert

Step Functions can control certain Amazon services directly from Amazon States Language (ASL). To learn more, see Working with other services and Pass parameters to a service API.

How the optimized integration is different than standard Amazon SDK integration

Supported MediaConvert APIs:

The following includes a Task state that submits an MediaConvert job and waits for it to complete.

{ "StartAt": "MediaConvert_CreateJob", "States": { "MediaConvert_CreateJob": { "Type": "Task", "Resource": "arn:aws:states:::mediaconvert:createJob.sync", "Parameters": { "Role": "arn:aws:iam::111122223333:role/Admin", "Settings": { "OutputGroups": [ { "Outputs": [ { "ContainerSettings": { "Container": "MP4" }, "VideoDescription": { "CodecSettings": { "Codec": "H_264", "H264Settings": { "MaxBitrate": 1000, "RateControlMode": "QVBR", "SceneChangeDetect": "TRANSITION_DETECTION" } } }, "AudioDescriptions": [ { "CodecSettings": { "Codec": "AAC", "AacSettings": { "Bitrate": 96000, "CodingMode": "CODING_MODE_2_0", "SampleRate": 48000 } } } ] } ], "OutputGroupSettings": { "Type": "FILE_GROUP_SETTINGS", "FileGroupSettings": { "Destination": "s3://DOC-EXAMPLE-DESTINATION-BUCKET/" } } } ], "Inputs": [ { "AudioSelectors": { "Audio Selector 1": { "DefaultSelection": "DEFAULT" } }, "FileInput": "s3://DOC-EXAMPLE-SOURCE-BUCKET/DOC-EXAMPLE-SOURCE_FILE" } ] } }, "End": true } } }

For information about how to configure IAM permissions when using Step Functions with MediaConvert, see IAM policies for AWS Elemental MediaConvert.

Parameters in Step Functions are expressed in PascalCase

Even if the native service API is in camelCase, for example the API action startSyncExecution, you specify parameters in PascalCase, such as: StateMachineArn.