Testing state machines locally - Amazon Step Functions
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Testing state machines locally

Amazon Step Functions Local is a downloadable version of Step Functions that lets you develop and test applications using a version of Step Functions running in your own development environment. The local version of Step Functions can invoke Amazon Lambda functions, both in Amazon and while running locally. You can also coordinate other supported Amazon services.


Step Functions Local uses dummy accounts to work.

While running Step Functions Local, you can use one of the following ways to invoke service integrations:

Amazon Step Functions Local is available as a JAR package or a self-contained Docker image that runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, and other platforms that support Java or Docker.


The downloadable version of Amazon Step Functions is intended to be used only for testing and should never be used to process sensitive information.


Make sure you're using Step Functions Local version 1.12.0 or higher to be able to include all the intrinsic functions in your workflows.

The following topics describe how you can set up Step Functions Local using Docker and JAR file, and run Step Functions Local to work with Amazon Lambda, Amazon Serverless Application Model(Amazon SAM) CLI Local, or other supported services.