Amazon SDK service integrations - Amazon Step Functions
Services or capabilities described in Amazon Web Services documentation might vary by Region. To see the differences applicable to the China Regions, see Getting Started with Amazon Web Services in China.

Amazon SDK service integrations

Amazon Step Functions integrates with Amazon Web Services, letting you call each service's API actions from your workflow. You can use Step Functions' Amazon SDK integrations to call almost any Amazon Web Service's API actions from your state machine. You can also use Step Functions's Optimized integrations, each of which has been customized to provide special functionality for your workflow.

Some services or SDKs may not be available as Amazon SDK integrations, either temporarily or permanently. Recently released services may not have SDK interactions available until a later update. Some services require customized configuration, such as specifying a customer-specific endpoint, which may be more suitable for an optimized integration. Other SDKs are unsuitable for use in a workflow, such as those for streaming audio or video. Finally, some services may be withheld until they pass certain internal validations performed by Step Functions.

Using Amazon SDK service integrations

To use Amazon SDK integrations, you specify the service name and API call and, optionally, a service integration pattern.


The API action will always be camel case, and parameter names will be Pascal case. For example, you could use Step Functions' startSyncExecution API action and specify the parameter StateMachineArn.

You can call Amazon SDK services directly from the Amazon States Language in the Resource field of a task state. To do this, use the following syntax:


For example, for Amazon EC2, you might use arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:ec2:describeInstances. This would return output as defined for the Amazon EC2 describeInstances API call.

If an Amazon SDK integration encounters an error, the resulting Error field will be composed of the service name and the error name, separated by a period character: ServiceName.ErrorName. Both the service name and error name are in Pascal case. You can also see the service name, in lowercase, in the Task state's Resource field. You can find the potential error names in the target service's API reference documentation.

For example, you might use the arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:acmpca:deleteCertificateAuthority Amazon SDK integration. The Amazon Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority API Reference indicates that the DeleteCertificateAuthority API action can result in a ResourceNotFoundException, for example. To handle this error, you would thus specify the Error AcmPca.ResourceNotFoundException in your Task state's Retriers or Catchers. For more information on error handling in Step Functions, see Error handling in Step Functions.

Step Functions can't autogenerate IAM policies for Amazon SDK integrations. After you create your state machine, you will need to navigate to the IAM console and configure your role policies. See IAM Policies for integrated services for more information.

See the Gather Amazon S3 bucket info using Amazon SDK service integrations tutorial for an example of how to use Amazon SDK integrations.

Supported Amazon SDK service integrations

The following table lists the Amazon SDK service integrations supported by Step Functions. The Task state resource column lists the syntax to call a specific API action when using the itegration for the service specified in the Service name column on the left. The Date supported column provides information about the dates on which the API actions were supported for each of the services. In addition, the Exception prefix column on the right, lists the exception prefixes for each service integration. These exception prefixes are present in the exceptions that are generated when you erroneously perform an Amazon SDK service integration with Step Functions.

Service name Task state resource Date supported Exception prefix
Amazon Account Management arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:account:[apiAction] April 19, 2022 Account
Amazon Amplify arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:amplify:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Amplify
Amazon App Mesh arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:appmesh:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 AppMesh
Amazon AppConfig arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:appconfig:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 AppConfig
Amazon AppConfig Data arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:appconfigdata:[apiAction] April 19, 2022 AppConfigData
Amazon AppSync arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:appsync:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 AppSync
Amazon Application Discovery Service arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:applicationdiscovery:[apiAction] 1 September 30, 2021 ApplicationDiscovery
Amazon Audit Manager arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:auditmanager:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 AuditManager
Amazon Auto Scaling Plans arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:autoscalingplans:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 AutoScalingPlans
Amazon Backup arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:backup:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Backup
Amazon Backup gateway arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:backupgateway:[apiAction] April 19, 2022 BackupGateway
Amazon Batch arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:batch:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Batch
Amazon Budgets arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:budgets:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Budgets
Amazon Certificate Manager arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:acm:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Acm
Amazon Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:acmpca:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 AcmPca
Amazon Cloud Map arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:servicediscovery:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 ServiceDiscovery
Amazon Cloud9 arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:cloud9:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Cloud9
Amazon CloudFormation arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:cloudformation:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 CloudFormation
Amazon CloudHSM arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:cloudhsm:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 CloudHsm
Amazon CloudHSM arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:cloudhsmv2:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 CloudHsmV2
Amazon CloudTrail arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:cloudtrail:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 CloudTrail
Amazon Cloud Control arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:cloudcontrol:[apiAction] April 19, 2022 CloudControl
Amazon CodeBuild arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:codebuild:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 CodeBuild
Amazon CodeCommit arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:codecommit:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 CodeCommit
Amazon CodeDeploy arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:codedeploy:[apiAction] 2 September 30, 2021 CodeDeploy
Amazon CodePipeline arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:codepipeline:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 CodePipeline
AWS CodeStar arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:codestar:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 CodeStar
AWS CodeStar arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:codestarnotifications:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 CodestarNotifications
AWS CodeStar arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:codestarconnections:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 CodeStarConnections
Amazon Compute Optimizer arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:computeoptimizer:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 ComputeOptimizer
Amazon Config arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:config:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Config
Amazon Cost Explorer Service arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:costexplorer:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 CostExplorer
Amazon Cost and Usage Report arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:costandusagereport:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 CostAndUsageReport
Amazon Data Exchange arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:dataexchange:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 DataExchange
Amazon Data Pipeline arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:datapipeline:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 DataPipeline
Amazon DataSync arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:datasync:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 DataSync
Amazon Database Migration Service arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:databasemigration:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 DatabaseMigration
Amazon Device Farm arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:devicefarm:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 DeviceFarm
Amazon Direct Connect arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:directconnect:[apiAction] 3 September 30, 2021 DirectConnect
Amazon Directory Service arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:directory:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Directory
Amazon EC2 Instance Connect arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:ec2instanceconnect:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Ec2InstanceConnect
Amazon Elastic Beanstalk arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:elasticbeanstalk:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 ElasticBeanstalk
AWS Elemental MediaLive arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:medialive:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 MediaLive
AWS Elemental MediaPackage arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:mediapackage:[apiAction] 4 September 30, 2021 MediaPackage
AWS Elemental MediaPackage VOD arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:mediapackagevod:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 MediaPackageVod
AWS Elemental MediaStore arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:mediastore:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 MediaStore
Amazon Fault Injection Simulator arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:fis:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Fis
Amazon Firewall Manager arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:fms:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Fms
Amazon Glue arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:glue:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Glue
Amazon Glue DataBrew arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:databrew:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 DataBrew
Amazon IoT Greengrass arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:greengrass:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Greengrass
Amazon Ground Station arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:groundstation:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 GroundStation
Amazon Identity and Access Management arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:iam:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Iam
Amazon IoT arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:iot:[apiAction] 5 September 30, 2021 Iot
Amazon IoT 1-Click arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:iot1clickprojects:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Iot1ClickProjects
Amazon IoT Analytics arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:iotanalytics:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 IoTAnalytics
Amazon IoT Core Device Advisor arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:iotdeviceadvisor:[apiAction] 6 September 30, 2021 IotDeviceAdvisor
Amazon IoT Events arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:iotevents:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 IotEvents
Amazon IoT Events Data arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:ioteventsdata:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 IotEventsData
Amazon IoT Fleet Hub arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:iotfleethub:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 IoTFleetHub
Amazon IoT Greengrass Version 2 arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:greengrassv2:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 GreengrassV2
Amazon IoT Jobs Data Plane arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:iotjobsdataplane:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 IotJobsDataPlane
Amazon IoT Secure Tunneling arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:iotsecuretunneling:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 IoTSecureTunneling
Amazon IoT SiteWise arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:iotsitewise:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 IoTSiteWise
Amazon IoT Things Graph arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:iotthingsgraph:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 IoTThingsGraph
Amazon IoT Wireless arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:iotwireless:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 IotWireless
Amazon Key Management Service arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:kms:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Kms
Amazon Lake Formation arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:lakeformation:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 LakeFormation
Amazon Lambda arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:lambda:[apiAction] 7 September 30, 2021 Lambda
Amazon License Manager arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:licensemanager:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 LicenseManager
Amazon Web Services Marketplace arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:marketplacecatalog:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 MarketplaceCatalog
Amazon Marketplace Commerce Analytics arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:marketplacecommerceanalytics:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 MarketplaceCommerceAnalytics
Amazon Marketplace Entitlement Service arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:marketplaceentitlement:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 MarketplaceEntitlement
AWS Elemental MediaTailor arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:mediatailor:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 MediaTailor
Amazon Migration Hub arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:migrationhub:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 MigrationHub
Amazon Migration Hub Config arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:migrationhubconfig:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 MigrationHubConfig
Amazon Migration Hub Strategy Recommendations arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:migrationhubstrategy:[apiAction] April 19, 2022 MigrationHubStrategy
Amazon Mobile arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:mobile:[apiAction] September 30, 2021
Amazon Network Firewall arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:networkfirewall:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 NetworkFirewall
Amazon OpsWorks arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:opsworks:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 OpsWorks
Amazon OpsWorks CM arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:opsworkscm:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 OpsWorksCm
Amazon Organizations arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:organizations:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Organizations
Amazon Outposts arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:outposts:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Outposts
Amazon Panorama arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:panorama:[apiAction] April 19, 2022 Panorama
Amazon Relational Database Service Performance Insights arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:pi:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Pi
Amazon Price List arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:pricing:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Pricing
Amazon Relational Database Service arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:rdsdata:[apiAction] 8 September 30, 2021 RdsData
Amazon Resilience Hub arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:resiliencehub:[apiAction] April 19, 2022 Resiliencehub
Amazon Resource Access Manager arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:ram:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Ram
Amazon Resource Groups arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:resourcegroups:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 ResourceGroups
Amazon Resource Groups Tagging API arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:resourcegroupstaggingapi:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 ResourceGroupsTaggingApi
Amazon RoboMaker arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:robomaker:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 RoboMaker
Amazon Web Services Single Sign On arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:identitystore:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Identitystore
Amazon SSO OIDC arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:ssooidc:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 SsoOidc
Amazon Secrets Manager arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:secretsmanager:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 SecretsManager
Amazon Security Token Service arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:sts:[apiAction] 9 September 30, 2021 Sts
Amazon Security Hub arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:securityhub:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 SecurityHub
Amazon Server Migration Service arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:sms:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Sms
Amazon Service Catalog arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:servicecatalog:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 ServiceCatalog
Amazon Service Catalog App Registry arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:servicecatalogappregistry:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 ServiceCatalogAppRegistry
Amazon Shield arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:shield:[apiAction] 10 September 30, 2021 Shield
Amazon Signer arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:signer:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Signer
Amazon Web Services Single Sign On arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:sso:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Sso
Amazon Web Services Single Sign On Admin arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:ssoadmin:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 SsoAdmin
Amazon Step Functions arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:sfn:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Sfn
Amazon Storage Gateway arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:storagegateway:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 StorageGateway
Amazon Web Services Support arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:support:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Support
Amazon Transfer Family arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:transfer:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Transfer
Amazon WAF arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:waf:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Waf
Amazon WAF Regional arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:wafregional:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 WafRegional
Amazon WAFV2 arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:wafv2:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Wafv2
Amazon Well-Architected Tool arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:wellarchitected:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 WellArchitected
Amazon X-Ray arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:xray:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 XRay
Amazon Marketplace Metering Service arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:marketplacemetering:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 MarketplaceMetering
Amazon Serverless Application Repository arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:serverlessapplicationrepository:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 ServerlessApplicationRepository
Amazon Identity and Access Management Access Analyzer arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:accessanalyzer:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 AccessAnalyzer
Alexa for Business arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:alexaforbusiness:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 AlexaForBusiness
Amazon API Gateway arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:apigateway:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 ApiGateway
Amazon API Gateway arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:apigatewayv2:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 ApiGatewayV2
Amazon AppIntegrations arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:appintegrations:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 AppIntegrations
Amazon AppStream 2.0 arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:appstream:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 AppStream
Amazon AppFlow arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:appflow:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Appflow
Amazon Athena arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:athena:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Athena
Amazon Augmented AI arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:sagemakera2iruntime:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 SageMakerA2IRuntime
Amazon Braket arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:braket:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Braket
Amazon Chime arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:chime:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Chime
Amazon Chime Meetings arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:chimesdkmeetings:[apiAction] April 19, 2022 ChimeSdkMeetings
Amazon Cloud Directory arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:clouddirectory:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 CloudDirectory
Amazon CloudFront arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:cloudfront:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 CloudFront
Amazon CloudSearch arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:cloudsearch:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 CloudSearch
Amazon CloudWatch arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:cloudwatch:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 CloudWatch
Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:applicationinsights:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 ApplicationInsights
CloudWatch Evidently arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:evidently:[apiAction] April 19, 2022 Evidently
Amazon CloudWatch Logs arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:cloudwatchlogs:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 CloudWatchLogs
Amazon CloudWatch RUM arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:rum:[apiAction] April 19, 2022 Rum
Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:synthetics:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Synthetics
Amazon CodeGuru Profiler arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:codeguruprofiler:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 CodeGuruProfiler
Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:codegurureviewer:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 CodeGuruReviewer
Amazon Cognito arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:cognitoidentity:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 CognitoIdentity
Amazon Cognito Identity Provider arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:cognitoidentityprovider:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 CognitoIdentityProvider
Amazon Cognito Sync arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:cognitosync:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 CognitoSync
Amazon Comprehend arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:comprehend:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Comprehend
Amazon Comprehend Medical arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:comprehendmedical:[apiAction] 11 September 30, 2021 ComprehendMedical
Amazon Connect Contact Lens arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:connectcontactlens:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 ConnectContactLens
Amazon Connect Participant Service arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:connectparticipant:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 ConnectParticipant
Amazon Connect arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:connect:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Connect
Amazon Connect Voice ID arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:voiceid:[apiAction] April 19, 2022 VoiceId
Amazon Connect Wisdom arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:wisdom:[apiAction] April 19, 2022 Wisdom
Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:dlm:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Dlm
Amazon Detective arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:detective:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Detective
Amazon DevOps Guru arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:devopsguru:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 DevOpsGuru
Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:docdb:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 DocDb
Amazon DynamoDB arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:dynamodb:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 DynamoDb
Amazon DynamoDB Streams arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:dynamodbstreams:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 DynamoDbStreams
Amazon EC2 Container Registry arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:ecr:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Ecr
Amazon EC2 Container Service arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:ecs:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Ecs
Amazon EC2 Systems Manager arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:ssm:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Ssm
Amazon EMR arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:emrcontainers:[apiAction] 12 September 30, 2021 EmrContainers
Amazon ElastiCache arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:elasticache:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 ElastiCache
Amazon Elastic Inference arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:elasticinference:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 ElasticInference
Amazon Elastic Block Store arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:ebs:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Ebs
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:ec2:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Ec2
Amazon Elastic Container Registry Public arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:ecrpublic:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 EcrPublic
Amazon Elastic File System arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:efs:[apiAction] 13 September 30, 2021 Efs
Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:eks:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Eks
Amazon EMR arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:emr:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Emr
Amazon Elastic Transcoder arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:elastictranscoder:[apiAction] 14 September 30, 2021 ElasticTranscoder
Amazon OpenSearch Service arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:elasticsearch:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Elasticsearch
Amazon OpenSearch Service arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:opensearch:[apiAction] April 19, 2022 OpenSearch
Amazon EventBridge arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:eventbridge:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 EventBridge
Amazon FSx arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:fsx:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 FSx
Amazon Forecast Query arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:forecastquery:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Forecastquery
Amazon Forecast Service arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:forecast:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Forecast
Amazon Fraud Detector arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:frauddetector:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 FraudDetector
Amazon GameLift arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:gamelift:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 GameLift
Amazon S3 Glacier arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:glacier:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Glacier
Amazon GuardDuty arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:guardduty:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 GuardDuty
Amazon HealthLake arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:healthlake:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 HealthLake
Amazon Honeycode arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:honeycode:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Honeycode
Amazon Inspector arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:inspector:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Inspector
Amazon Inspector V2 arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:inspector2:[apiAction] April 19, 2022 Inspector2
Amazon Interactive Video Service arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:ivs:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Ivs
Amazon Kendra arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:kendra:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Kendra
Amazon Kinesis arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:kinesis:[apiAction] 15 September 30, 2021 Kinesis
Amazon Kinesis Analytics arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:kinesisanalytics:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 KinesisAnalytics
Amazon Kinesis Analytics V2 arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:kinesisanalyticsv2:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 KinesisAnalyticsV2
Amazon Kinesis Firehose arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:firehose:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Firehose
Amazon Kinesis Video Signaling Channels arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:kinesisvideosignaling:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 KinesisVideoSignaling
Amazon Kinesis Video Streams arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:kinesisvideo:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 KinesisVideo
Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Archived Media arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:kinesisvideoarchivedmedia:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 KinesisVideoArchivedMedia
Amazon Kinesis video stream arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:kinesisvideomedia:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 KinesisVideoMedia
Amazon Lex Model Building Service arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:lexmodelbuilding:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 LexModelBuilding
Amazon Lex Model Building Service V2 arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:lexmodelsv2:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 LexModelsV2
Amazon Lex arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:lexruntime:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 LexRuntime
Amazon Lex Runtime V2 arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:lexruntimev2:[apiAction] 16 September 30, 2021 LexRuntimeV2
Amazon Lightsail arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:lightsail:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Lightsail
Amazon Location Service arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:location:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Location
Amazon Lookout for Vision arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:lookoutvision:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 LookoutVision
Amazon MQ arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:mq:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Mq
Amazon Macie arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:macie:[apiAction] September 30, 2021
Amazon Macie 2 arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:macie2:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Macie2
Amazon Managed Blockchain arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:managedblockchain:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 ManagedBlockchain
Amazon Managed Grafana arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:grafana:[apiAction] April 19, 2022 Grafana
Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:amp:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Amp
Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:kafka:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Kafka
Amazon MSK Connect arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:kafkaconnect:[apiAction] April 19, 2022 KafkaConnect
Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:mwaa:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Mwaa
Amazon Mechanical Turk arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:mturk:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 MTurk
Amazon MemoryDB for Redis arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:memorydb:[apiAction] April 19, 2022 MemoryDB
Amazon Neptune arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:neptune:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Neptune
Amazon Personalize arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:personalize:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Personalize
Amazon Personalize Events arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:personalizeevents:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 PersonalizeEvents
Amazon Personalize Runtime arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:personalizeruntime:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 PersonalizeRuntime
Amazon Pinpoint arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:pinpoint:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Pinpoint
Amazon Pinpoint Email Service arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:pinpointemail:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 PinpointEmail
Amazon Pinpoint SMS and Voice Service arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:pinpointsmsvoice:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 PinpointSmsVoice
Amazon Polly arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:polly:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Polly
Amazon QLDB arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:qldb:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Qldb
Amazon QLDB Session arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:qldbsession:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 QldbSession
Amazon QuickSight arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:quicksight:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 QuickSight
Amazon Redshift arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:redshift:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Redshift
Amazon Redshift Data API arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:redshiftdata:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 RedshiftData
Amazon Rekognition arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:rekognition:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Rekognition
Amazon Relational Database Service arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:rds:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Rds
Amazon Route 53 arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:route53:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Route53
Amazon Route 53 Domains arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:route53domains:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Route53Domains
Amazon Route 53 Resolver arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:route53resolver:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Route53Resolver
Amazon S3 on Outposts arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:s3outposts:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 S3Outposts
Amazon SageMaker Feature Store Runtime arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:sagemakerfeaturestoreruntime:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 SageMakerFeatureStoreRuntime
Amazon SageMaker Runtime arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:sagemakerruntime:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 SageMakerRuntime
Amazon SageMaker arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:sagemaker:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 SageMaker
Amazon SageMaker Edge Manager arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:sagemakeredge:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 SagemakerEdge
Amazon Simple Email Service arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:ses:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Ses
Amazon Simple Email Service V2 arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:sesv2:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 SesV2
Amazon Simple Notification Service arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:sns:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Sns
Amazon Simple Queue Service arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:sqs:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Sqs
Amazon Simple Storage Service arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:s3:[apiAction] 17 September 30, 2021 S3
Amazon Simple Workflow Service arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:swf:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Swf
Amazon Textract arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:textract:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Textract
Amazon Transcribe arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:transcribe:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Transcribe
Amazon Translate arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:translate:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Translate
Amazon WorkDocs arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:workdocs:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 WorkDocs
Amazon WorkMail arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:workmail:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 WorkMail
Amazon WorkMail Message Flow arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:workmailmessageflow:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 WorkMailMessageFlow
Amazon WorkSpaces arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:workspaces:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 WorkSpaces
Amazon WorkSpaces Web arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:workspacesweb:[apiAction] April 19, 2022 WorkSpacesWeb
Amplify arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:amplifybackend:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 AmplifyBackend
Amplify UI Builder arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:amplifyuibuilder:[apiAction] April 19, 2022 AmplifyUiBuilder
Application Auto Scaling arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:applicationautoscaling:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 ApplicationAutoScaling
Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:autoscaling:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Auto Scaling
CodeArtifact arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:codeartifact:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Codeartifact
DynamoDB Accelerator arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:dax:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Dax
EC2 Image Builder arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:imagebuilder:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Imagebuilder
Elastic Disaster Recovery arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:drs:[apiAction] April 19, 2022 Drs
Elastic Load Balancing arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:elasticloadbalancing:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 ElasticLoadBalancing
Elastic Load Balancing V2 arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:elasticloadbalancingv2:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 ElasticLoadBalancingV2
MediaConnect arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:mediaconnect:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 MediaConnect
Network Manager arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:networkmanager:[apiAction] September 30, 2021
Amazon S3 Control arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:s3control:[apiAction] 18 September 30, 2021 S3Control
Recycle Bin for Amazon EBS arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:rbin:[apiAction] April 19, 2022 Rbin
Savings Plans arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:savingsplans:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Savingsplans
Amazon EventBridge Schema Registry arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:schemas:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Schemas
Service Quotas arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:servicequotas:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 ServiceQuotas
Amazon Snowball arn:aws:states:::aws-sdk:snowball:[apiAction] September 30, 2021 Snowball

1 For information about unsupported API actions for Amazon Application Discovery Service integration, see Unsupported API actions for supported services.

2 For information about unsupported API actions for Amazon CodeDeploy integration, see Unsupported API actions for supported services.

3 For information about unsupported API actions for Amazon Direct Connect integration, see Unsupported API actions for supported services.

4 For information about unsupported API action for AWS Elemental MediaPackage integration, see Unsupported API actions for supported services.

5 For information about unsupported API actions for Amazon IoT integration, see Unsupported API actions for supported services.

6 For information about unsupported API action for Amazon IoT Core Device Advisor integration, see Unsupported API actions for supported services.

7 For information about unsupported API action for Amazon Lambda integration, see Unsupported API actions for supported services.

8 For information about unsupported API action for Amazon Relational Database Service integration, see Unsupported API actions for supported services.

9 For information about unsupported API actions for Amazon Security Token Service integration, see Unsupported API actions for supported services.

10 For information about unsupported API action for Amazon Shield integration, see Unsupported API actions for supported services.

11 For information about unsupported API action for Amazon Comprehend Medical integration, see Unsupported API actions for supported services.

12 For information about unsupported API action for Amazon EMR integration, see Unsupported API actions for supported services.

13 For information about unsupported API action for Amazon Elastic File System integration, see Unsupported API actions for supported services.

14 For information about unsupported API action for Amazon Elastic Transcoder integration, see Unsupported API actions for supported services.

15 For information about unsupported API action for Amazon Kinesis integration, see Unsupported API actions for supported services.

16 For information about unsupported API action for Amazon Lex Runtime V2 integration, see Unsupported API actions for supported services.

17 For information about unsupported API action for Amazon Simple Storage Service integration, see Unsupported API actions for supported services.

18 For information about unsupported API actions for Amazon S3 Control integration, see Unsupported API actions for supported services

Unsupported API actions for supported services

The following table lists the unsupported API actions for Amazon SDK service integrations. The right column contains the API actions that are currently not supported for the service listed in the left column.

Service name Unsupported API action
Amazon Application Discovery Service
  • DescribeExportConfigurations

  • ExportConfigurations

Amazon CodeDeploy
  • BatchGetDeploymentInstances

  • GetDeploymentInstance

  • ListDeploymentInstances

  • SkipWaitTimeForInstanceTermination

Amazon Comprehend Medical DetectEntities
Amazon Direct Connect
  • AllocateConnectionOnInterconnect

  • DescribeConnectionLoa

  • DescribeConnectionsOnInterconnect

  • DescribeInterconnectLoa

Amazon Elastic File System CreateTags
Amazon Elastic Transcoder TestRole
Amazon EMR DescribeJobFlows
Amazon IoT
  • AttachPrincipalPolicy

  • ListPrincipalPolicies

  • DetachPrincipalPolicy

  • ListPolicyPrincipals

  • DetachPrincipalPolicy

Amazon IoT Core Device Advisor ListTestCases
Amazon Kinesis SubscribeToShard
Amazon Lambda InvokeAsync
Amazon Lex Runtime V2 StartConversation
AWS Elemental MediaPackage RotateChannelCredentials
Amazon Relational Database Service ExecuteSql
Amazon Simple Storage Service SelectObjectContent
Amazon S3 Control SelectObjectContent
Amazon Shield DeleteSubscription
Amazon Security Token Service
  • AssumeRole

  • AssumeRoleWithSAML

  • AssumeRoleWithWebIdentity

Deprecated Amazon SDK service integrations

The following Amazon SDK service integrations are now deprecated:

  • Amazon Mobile

  • Amazon Macie