Configuring the Kinesis Producer Library - Amazon Kinesis Data Streams
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Configuring the Kinesis Producer Library

Although the default settings should work well for most use cases, you may want to change some of the default settings to tailor the behavior of the KinesisProducer to your needs. An instance of the KinesisProducerConfiguration class can be passed to the KinesisProducer constructor to do so, for example:

KinesisProducerConfiguration config = new KinesisProducerConfiguration() .setRecordMaxBufferedTime(3000) .setMaxConnections(1) .setRequestTimeout(60000) .setRegion("us-west-1"); final KinesisProducer kinesisProducer = new KinesisProducer(config);

You can also load a configuration from a properties file:

KinesisProducerConfiguration config = KinesisProducerConfiguration.fromPropertiesFile("");

You can substitute any path and file name that the user process has access to. You can additionally call set methods on the KinesisProducerConfiguration instance created this way to customize the config.

The properties file should specify parameters using their names in PascalCase. The names match those used in the set methods in the KinesisProducerConfiguration class. For example:

RecordMaxBufferedTime = 100 MaxConnections = 4 RequestTimeout = 6000 Region = us-west-1

For more information about configuration parameter usage rules and value limits, see the sample configuration properties file on GitHub.

Note that after KinesisProducer is initialized, changing the KinesisProducerConfiguration instance that was used has no further effect. KinesisProducer does not currently support dynamic reconfiguration.