Developing a Kinesis Client Library Consumer in Ruby - Amazon Kinesis Data Streams
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Developing a Kinesis Client Library Consumer in Ruby

You can use the Kinesis Client Library (KCL) to build applications that process data from your Kinesis data streams. The Kinesis Client Library is available in multiple languages. This topic discusses Ruby.

The KCL is a Java library; support for languages other than Java is provided using a multi-language interface called the MultiLangDaemon. This daemon is Java-based and runs in the background when you are using a KCL language other than Java. Therefore, if you install the KCL for Ruby and write your consumer app entirely in Ruby, you still need Java installed on your system because of the MultiLangDaemon. Further, MultiLangDaemon has some default settings you may need to customize for your use case, for example, the Amazon Region that it connects to. For more information about the MultiLangDaemon on GitHub, go to the KCL MultiLangDaemon project page.

To download the Ruby KCL from GitHub, go to Kinesis Client Library (Ruby). To download sample code for a Ruby KCL consumer application, go to the KCL for Ruby sample project page on GitHub.

For more information about the KCL Ruby support library, see KCL Ruby Gems Documentation.