Step 6: (Optional) Extending the Consumer - Amazon Kinesis Data Streams
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Step 6: (Optional) Extending the Consumer

This optional section shows how you can extend the consumer code for a slightly more elaborate scenario.

If you want to know about the biggest sell orders each minute, you can modify the StockStats class in three places to accommodate this new priority.

To extend the consumer
  1. Add new instance variables:

    // Ticker symbol of the stock that had the largest quantity of shares sold private String largestSellOrderStock; // Quantity of shares for the largest sell order trade private long largestSellOrderQuantity;
  2. Add the following code to addStockTrade:

    if (type == TradeType.SELL) { if (largestSellOrderStock == null || trade.getQuantity() > largestSellOrderQuantity) { largestSellOrderStock = trade.getTickerSymbol(); largestSellOrderQuantity = trade.getQuantity(); } }
  3. Modify the toString method to print the additional information:

    public String toString() { return String.format( "Most popular stock being bought: %s, %d buys.%n" + "Most popular stock being sold: %s, %d sells.%n" + "Largest sell order: %d shares of %s.", getMostPopularStock(TradeType.BUY), getMostPopularStockCount(TradeType.BUY), getMostPopularStock(TradeType.SELL), getMostPopularStockCount(TradeType.SELL), largestSellOrderQuantity, largestSellOrderStock); }

If you run the consumer now (remember to run the producer also), you should see output similar to this:

****** Shard shardId-000000000001 stats for last 1 minute ****** Most popular stock being bought: WMT, 27 buys. Most popular stock being sold: PTR, 14 sells. Largest sell order: 996 shares of BUD. ****************************************************************

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