Updating a Stream - Amazon Kinesis Data Streams
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Updating a Stream

You can update the details of a stream using the Kinesis Data Streams console, the Kinesis Data Streams API, or the Amazon CLI.


You can enable server-side encryption for existing streams, or for streams that you have recently created.

To update a data stream using the console
  1. Open the Amazon Kinesis console at https://console.amazonaws.cn/kinesis/.

  2. In the navigation bar, expand the Region selector and choose a Region.

  3. Choose the name of your stream in the list. The Stream Details page displays a summary of your stream configuration and monitoring information.

  4. To switch between on-demand and provisioned capacity modes for a data stream, choose Edit capacity mode in the Configuration tab. For more information, see Choosing the Data Stream Capacity Mode.


    For each data stream in your Amazon account, you can switch between the on-demand and provisioned modes twice within 24 hours.

  5. For a data stream with the provisioned mode, to edit the number of shards, choose Edit provisioned shards in the Configuration tab, and then enter a new shard count.

  6. To enable server-side encryption of data records, choose Edit in the Server-side encryption section. Choose a KMS key to use as the master key for encryption, or use the default master key, aws/kinesis, managed by Kinesis. If you enable encryption for a stream and use your own Amazon KMS master key, ensure that your producer and consumer applications have access to the Amazon KMS master key that you used. To assign permissions to an application to access a user-generated Amazon KMS key, see Permissions to Use User-Generated KMS Master Keys.

  7. To edit the data retention period, choose Edit in the Data retention period section, and then enter a new data retention period.

  8. If you have enabled custom metrics on your account, choose Edit in the Shard level metrics section, and then specify metrics for your stream. For more information, see Monitoring the Amazon Kinesis Data Streams Service with Amazon CloudWatch.

Updating a Stream Using the API

To update stream details using the API, see the following methods:

Updating a Stream Using the Amazon CLI

For information about updating a stream using the Amazon CLI, see the Kinesis CLI reference.