Configure CloudWatch alarms to create OpsItems - Amazon Systems Manager
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Configure CloudWatch alarms to create OpsItems

During the integrated setup of OpsCenter, a capability of Amazon Systems Manager, you enable Amazon CloudWatch to automatically create OpsItems based on common alarms. You can create an alarm or edit an existing alarm to create OpsItems in OpsCenter.

CloudWatch creates a new service-linked role in Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM) when you configure an alarm to create OpsItems. The new role is named AWSServiceRoleForCloudWatchAlarms_ActionSSM. For more information about CloudWatch service-linked roles, see Using service-linked roles for CloudWatch in the Amazon CloudWatch User Guide.

When a CloudWatch alarm generates an OpsItem, the OpsItem displays CloudWatch alarm - 'alarm_name' is in ALARM state.

To view details about a specific OpsItem, choose the OpsItem and then choose the Related resource details tab. You can manually edit OpsItems to change details, such as the severity or category. However, when you edit the severity or the category of an alarm, Systems Manager can't update the severity or category of OpsItems that are already created from the alarm. If an alarm created an OpsItem and if you specified a deduplication string, the alarm won't create additional OpsItems even if you edit the alarm in CloudWatch. If the OpsItem is resolved in OpsCenter, CloudWatch will create a new OpsItem.

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