Adding related OpsItems to an OpsItem - Amazon Systems Manager
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Adding related OpsItems to an OpsItem

By using Related OpsItems of the OpsItems Details page, you can investigate operations issues and provide context for an issue. OpsItems can be related in different ways, including a parent-child relationship between OpsItems, a root cause, or a duplicate. You can associate one OpsItem with another to display it in the Related OpsItem section.You can specify a maximum of 10 IDs for other OpsItems that are related to the current OpsItem.

                    Viewing related OpsItems.
To add a related OpsItem
  1. Open the Amazon Systems Manager console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose OpsCenter.

  3. Choose an OpsItem ID to open the details page.

  4. In the Related OpsItem section, choose Add.

  5. For OpsItem ID, specify an ID.

  6. Choose Add.