Manually installing SSM Agent on CentOS instances - Amazon Systems Manager
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Manually installing SSM Agent on CentOS instances

The Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) for CentOS that are provided by Amazon do not come with Amazon Systems Manager Agent (SSM Agent) preinstalled by default. For a list of Amazon managed AMIs on which the agent might be preinstalled, see Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) with SSM Agent preinstalled.

Use the information in this section to help you manually install or reinstall SSM Agent on a CentOS instance.

Before you begin

Before you install SSM Agent on a CentOS instance, note the following:

  • For important information that applies to installation of SSM Agent on all Linux-based operating systems, see Manually installing and uninstalling SSM Agent on EC2 instances for Linux.

  • If you use a yum command to update SSM Agent on a managed node after the agent has been installed or updated using the SSM document AWS-UpdateSSMAgent, you might see the following message: "Warning: RPMDB altered outside of yum." This message is expected and can be safely ignored.