Manually installing SSM Agent on Ubuntu Server instances - Amazon Systems Manager
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Manually installing SSM Agent on Ubuntu Server instances


Before you install SSM Agent on a 64-bit version of Ubuntu Server, ensure that you are using the correct installation tools. Beginning with Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) that are identified with 20180627, SSM Agent is pre-installed on version 16.04 using Snap packages. On instances created from earlier AMIs, SSM Agent must be installed using deb installer packages. For more information, see Determining the correct SSM Agent version to install on 64-bit Ubuntu Server 16.04 instances.

In most cases, the Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) for Ubuntu Server that are provided by Amazon come with Amazon Systems Manager Agent (SSM Agent) preinstalled by default. For more information, see Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) with SSM Agent preinstalled.

In the event that SSM Agent isn’t preinstalled on a new Ubuntu Server instance, or if you need to manually reinstall the agent, use the information in this section to help you.

Before you begin

Before you install SSM Agent on an Ubuntu Server instance, note the following: