aws:changeInstanceState – Change or assert instance state - Amazon Systems Manager
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aws:changeInstanceState – Change or assert instance state

Changes or asserts the state of the instance.

This action can be used in assert mode (doesn't run the API to change the state but verifies the instance is in the desired state.) To use assert mode, set the CheckStateOnly parameter to true. This mode is useful when running the Sysprep command on Windows, which is an asynchronous command that can run in the background for a long time. You can ensure that the instance is stopped before you create an Amazon Machine Image (AMI).


The default timeout value for this action is 3600 seconds (one hour). You can limit or extend the timeout by specifying the timeoutSeconds parameter for an aws:changeInstanceState step.


name: stopMyInstance action: aws:changeInstanceState maxAttempts: 3 timeoutSeconds: 3600 onFailure: Abort inputs: InstanceIds: - i-1234567890abcdef0 CheckStateOnly: true DesiredState: stopped
{ "name":"stopMyInstance", "action": "aws:changeInstanceState", "maxAttempts": 3, "timeoutSeconds": 3600, "onFailure": "Abort", "inputs": { "InstanceIds": ["i-1234567890abcdef0"], "CheckStateOnly": true, "DesiredState": "stopped" } }

The IDs of the instances.

Type: StringList

Required: Yes


If false, sets the instance state to the desired state. If true, asserts the desired state using polling.

Default: false

Type: Boolean

Required: No


The desired state. When set to running, this action waits for the Amazon EC2 state to be Running, the Instance Status to be OK, and the System Status to be OK before completing.

Type: String

Valid values: running | stopped | terminated

Required: Yes


If set, forces the instances to stop. The instances don't have an opportunity to flush file system caches or file system metadata. If you use this option, you must perform file system check and repair procedures. This option isn't recommended for EC2 instances for Windows Server.

Type: Boolean

Required: No



Type: String

Required: No