aws:createTags – Create tags for Amazon resources - Amazon Systems Manager
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aws:createTags – Create tags for Amazon resources

Creates new tags for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances or Amazon Systems Manager managed instances.


This action supports most Amazon EC2 CreateTags and Systems Manager AddTagsToResource parameters. For more information, see CreateTags and AddTagsToResource.

The following example shows how to tag an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) and an instance as production resources for a particular department.

name: createTags action: aws:createTags maxAttempts: 3 onFailure: Abort inputs: ResourceType: EC2 ResourceIds: - ami-9a3768fa - i-02951acd5111a8169 Tags: - Key: production Value: '' - Key: department Value: devops
{ "name": "createTags", "action": "aws:createTags", "maxAttempts": 3, "onFailure": "Abort", "inputs": { "ResourceType": "EC2", "ResourceIds": [ "ami-9a3768fa", "i-02951acd5111a8169" ], "Tags": [ { "Key": "production", "Value": "" }, { "Key": "department", "Value": "devops" } ] } }

The IDs of the resource(s) to be tagged. If resource type isn't “EC2”, this field can contain only a single item.

Type: String List

Required: Yes


The tags to associate with the resource(s).

Type: List of Maps

Required: Yes


The type of resource(s) to be tagged. If not supplied, the default value of “EC2” is used.

Type: String

Required: No

Valid Values: EC2 | ManagedInstance | MaintenanceWindow | Parameter