Troubleshooting Change Manager - Amazon Systems Manager
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Troubleshooting Change Manager

Use the following information to help you troubleshoot problems with Change Manager, a capability of Amazon Systems Manager.

“Group {GUID} not found” error during change request approvals when using Active Directory (groups

Problem: When Amazon IAM Identity Center (IAM Identity Center) is used for user identity management, a member of an Active Directory group who is granted approval permissions in Change Manager receives a “not authorized” or “group not found” error.

  • Solution: When you select Active Directory groups in IAM Identity Center for access to the Amazon Web Services Management Console, the system schedules a periodic synchronization that copies information from those Active Directory groups into IAM Identity Center. This process must complete before users authorized through Active Directory group membership can successfully approve a request. For more information, see Connect to your Microsoft AD directory in the Amazon IAM Identity Center User Guide.