Accessing the Red Hat Knowledgebase portal - Amazon Systems Manager
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Accessing the Red Hat Knowledgebase portal

You can use Fleet Manager, a capability of Amazon Systems Manager, to access the Knowledgebase portal if you are a Red Hat customer. You are considered a Red Hat customer if you run Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) instances or use RHEL services on Amazon. The Knowledgebase portal includes binaries, and knowledge-share and discussion forums for community support that are available only to Red Hat licensed customers.

In addition to the required Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM) permissions for Systems Manager and Fleet Manager, the user or role you use to access the console must allow the rhelkb:GetRhelURL action to access the Knowledgebase portal.

To access the Red Hat Knowledgebase Portal
  1. Open the Amazon Systems Manager console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Fleet Manager.


    If the Amazon Systems Manager home page opens first, choose the menu icon ( 
    The menu icon
  ) to open the navigation pane, and then choose Fleet Manager in the navigation pane.

  3. Choose the RHEL instance you want to use to connect to the Red Hat Knowledgebase Portal.

  4. Choose Account management, Access Red Hat Knowledgebase to open the Red Hat Knowledgebase page.

If you use RHEL on Amazon to run fully supported RHEL workloads, you can also access the Red Hat Knowledgebase through Red Hat's website by using your Amazon credentials.