Integrating with ServiceNow - Amazon Systems Manager
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Integrating with ServiceNow

ServiceNow provides a cloud-based service management system to create and manage organization-level workflows, such as for IT services, ticketing systems, and support. The Amazon Service Management Connector integrates ServiceNow with Systems Manager to provision, manage, and operate Amazon resources from ServiceNow. You can use the Amazon Service Management Connector to integrate ServiceNow with Automation, Change Manager, Incident Manager, and OpsCenter, all capabilities of Amazon Systems Manager.

You can perform the following tasks using ServiceNow:

  • Run automation playbooks from Systems Manager.

  • View, update, and resolve incidents from Systems Manager OpsItems.

  • View and manage operational items, such as incidents, through Systems Manager OpsCenter.

  • View and run Systems Manager change requests from a curated list of pre-approved change templates.

  • Manage and resolve incidents involving Amazon hosted applications by integrating with Incident Manager.


For information about how to integrate with ServiceNow, see Configuring Amazon service integrations in the Amazon Service Management Connector Administrator Guide.