Working with patch compliance reports - Amazon Systems Manager
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Working with patch compliance reports

Use the information in the following topics to help you generate and work with patch compliance reports in Patch Manager, a capability of Amazon Systems Manager.

The information in the following topics apply no matter which method or type of configuration you're using for your patching operations:

  • A patch policy configured in Quick Setup

  • A Host Management option configured in Quick Setup

  • A maintenance window to run a patch Scan or Install task

  • An on-demand Patch now operation


If you have multiple types of operations in place to scan your instances for patch compliance, note that each scan overwrites the patch compliance data of previous scans. As a result, you might end up with unexpected results in your patch compliance data. For more information, see Avoiding unintentional patch compliance data overwrites.

To verify which patch baseline was used to generate the latest compliance information, navigate to the Compliance reporting tab in Patch Manager, locate the row for the managed node you want information about, and then choose the baseline ID in the Baseline ID used column.