Viewing Amazon predefined patch baselines - Amazon Systems Manager
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Viewing Amazon predefined patch baselines

Patch Manager, a capability of Amazon Systems Manager, includes a predefined patch baseline for each operating system supported by Patch Manager. You can use these patch baselines (you can't customize them), or you can create your own. The following procedure describes how to view a predefined patch baseline to see if it meets your needs. To learn more about patch baselines, see About predefined and custom patch baselines.

To view Amazon predefined patch baselines
  1. Open the Amazon Systems Manager console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Patch Manager.


    If the Amazon Systems Manager home page opens first, choose the menu icon ( 
    The menu icon
  ) to open the navigation pane, and then choose Patch Manager.

  3. In the patch baselines list, choose the baseline ID of one of the predefined patch baselines.


    If you are accessing Patch Manager for the first time in the current Amazon Web Services Region, choose Start with an overview, choose the Patch baselines tab, and then choose the baseline ID of one of the predefined patch baselines.


    For Windows Server, three predefined patch baselines are provided. The patch baselines AWS-DefaultPatchBaseline and AWS-WindowsPredefinedPatchBaseline-OS support only operating system updates on the Windows operating system itself. AWS-DefaultPatchBaseline is used as the default patch baseline for Windows Server managed nodes unless you specify a different patch baseline. The configuration settings in these two patch baselines are the same. The newer of the two, AWS-WindowsPredefinedPatchBaseline-OS, was created to distinguish it from the third predefined patch baseline for Windows Server. That patch baseline, AWS-WindowsPredefinedPatchBaseline-OS-Applications, can be used to apply patches to both the Windows Server operating system and supported applications released by Microsoft.

    For more information, see Setting an existing patch baseline as the default.

  4. In the Approval rules section, review the patch baseline configuration.

  5. If the configuration is acceptable for your managed nodes, you can skip ahead to the procedure Working with patch groups.


    To create your own default patch baseline, continue to the topic Working with custom patch baselines.