Amazon Systems Manager Quick Setup - Amazon Systems Manager
Services or capabilities described in Amazon Web Services documentation might vary by Region. To see the differences applicable to the China Regions, see Getting Started with Amazon Web Services in China (PDF).

Amazon Systems Manager Quick Setup

Use Quick Setup, a capability of Amazon Systems Manager, to quickly configure frequently used Amazon Web Services services and features with recommended best practices. Quick Setup simplifies setting up services, including Systems Manager, by automating common or recommended tasks. These tasks include, for example, creating required Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM) instance profile roles and setting up operational best practices, such as periodic patch scans and inventory collection. There is no cost to use Quick Setup. However, costs can be incurred based on the type of services you set up and the usage limits with no fees for the services used to set up your service. To get started with Quick Setup, open the Systems Manager console. In the navigation pane, choose Quick Setup.


If you were directed to Quick Setup to help you configure your instances to be managed by Systems Manager, complete the procedure in Amazon EC2 host management.

What are the benefits of Quick Setup?

Benefits of Quick Setup include the following:

  • Simplify service and feature configuration

    Quick Setup walks you through configuring operational best practices and automatically deploys those configurations. The Quick Setup dashboard displays a real-time view of your configuration deployment status.

  • Deploy configurations automatically across multiple accounts

    You can use Quick Setup in an individual Amazon Web Services account or across multiple Amazon Web Services accounts and Amazon Web Services Regions by integrating with Amazon Organizations. Using Quick Setup across multiple accounts helps to ensure that your organization maintains consistent configurations.

  • Eliminate configuration drift

    Configuration drift occurs whenever a user makes any change to a service or feature that conflicts with the selections made through Quick Setup. Quick Setup periodically checks for configuration drift and attempts to remediate it.

Who should use Quick Setup?

Quick Setup is most beneficial for customers who already have some experience with the services and features they're setting up, and want to simplify their setup process. If you're unfamiliar with the Amazon Web Service you're configuring with Quick Setup, we recommend that you learn more about the service. Review the content in the relevant User Guide before you create a configuration with Quick Setup.

Availability of Quick Setup in Amazon Web Services Regions

In the following Amazon Web Services Regions, you can use all Quick Setup configuration types for an entire organization, as configured in Amazon Organizations, or for only the organizational accounts and Regions you choose. You can also use Quick Setup with just a single account in these Regions.

  • US East (Ohio)

  • US East (N. Virginia)

  • US West (N. California)

  • US West (Oregon)

  • Asia Pacific (Mumbai)

  • Asia Pacific (Seoul)

  • Asia Pacific (Singapore)

  • Asia Pacific (Sydney)

  • Asia Pacific (Tokyo)

  • Canada (Central)

  • Europe (Frankfurt)

  • Europe (Stockholm)

  • Europe (Ireland)

  • Europe (London)

  • Europe (Paris)

  • South America (São Paulo)

In the following Regions, only the Host Management configuration type is available for individual accounts:

  • Europe (Milan)

  • Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)

  • Middle East (Bahrain)

  • China (Beijing)

  • China (Ningxia)

  • Amazon GovCloud (US-East)

  • Amazon GovCloud (US-West)

For a list of all supported Regions for Systems Manager, see the Region column in Systems Manager service endpoints in the Amazon Web Services General Reference.