Running Auto Scaling groups with associations - Amazon Systems Manager
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Running Auto Scaling groups with associations

The best practice when using associations to run Auto Scaling groups is to use tag targets. Not using tags might cause you to reach the association limit.

If all nodes are tagged with the same key and value, you only need one association to run your Auto Scaling group. The following procedure describes how to create such an association.

To create an association that runs Auto Scaling groups
  1. Ensure all nodes in the Auto Scaling group are tagged with the same key and value. For more instructions on tagging nodes, see Tagging Auto Scaling groups and instances in the Amazon Auto Scaling User Guide.

  2. Create an association by using the procedure in Working with associations in Systems Manager.

    If you're working in the console, choose Specify instance tags in the Targets field. For Instance tags, enter the Tag key and value for your Auto Scaling group.

    If you're using the Amazon Command Line Interface (Amazon CLI), specify --targets Key=tag:tag-key,Values=tag-value where the key and value match what you tagged your nodes with.