Importing and managing events from third-party calendars - Amazon Systems Manager
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Importing and managing events from third-party calendars

As an alternative to creating events directly in the Amazon Systems Manager console, you can import an iCalendar (.ics) file from a supported third-party calendar application. Your calendar can include both imported events and events that you create in Change Calendar, which is a capability of Amazon Systems Manager.

Before you begin

Before you attempt to import a calendar file, review the following requirements and constraints:

Calendar file format

Only valid iCalendar files (.ics) are supported.

Supported calendar providers

Only .ics files exported from the following third-party calendar providers are supported:

File size

You can import any number of valid .ics files. However, the total size of all imported files for each calendar can't exceed 64KB.


To minimize the size of the .ics file, ensure that you are exporting only basic details about your calendar entries. If necessary, reduce the length of the time period that you are exporting.

Time zone

In addition to a calendar name, a calendar provider, and at least one event, your exported .ics file should also indicate the time zone for the calendar. If it does not, or there is a problem identifying the time zone, you will be prompted to specify one after you import the file.

Recurring event limitation

Your exported .ics file can include recurring events. However, if one or more occurrences of a recurring event had been deleted in the source calendar, the import fails.