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Amazon IAM Identity Center credentials in Amazon Toolkit for Visual Studio

Amazon IAM Identity Center is the recommended best practice for managing your Amazon account authentication.

For detailed instructions on how to set up IAM Identity Center for Software Development Kits (SDKs) and the Amazon Toolkit for Visual Studio, see the IAM Identity Center authentication section of the Amazon SDKs and Tools Reference Guide.

Authenticating with IAM Identity Center from the Amazon Toolkit for Visual Studio

To authenticate with IAM Identity Center from the Amazon Toolkit for Visual Studio by adding an IAM Identity Center profile to your credentials or config file, complete the following steps.

  1. From your preferred text editor, open the Amazon credentials information stored in the <hone-directory>\.aws\credentials file.

  2. From the credentials file under the section [default], add a template for a named IAM Identity Center profile. The following is an example template:


    Do not use the word profile when creating an entry in the credential file because creates a conflict with the credential file naming conventions.

    Include the prefix word profile_ only when configuring a named profile in the config file.

    [sso-user-1] sso_start_url = sso_region = us-east-2 sso_account_id = 123456789011 sso_role_name = readOnly region = us-west-2
  • sso_start_url: The URL that points to your organization's IAM Identity Center user portal.

  • sso_region: The Amazon Region that contains your IAM Identity Center portal host. This can be different from the Amazon Region specified later in the default region parameter.

  • sso_account_id: The Amazon account ID that contains the IAM role with the permission that you want to grant to this IAM Identity Center user.

  • sso_role_name: The name of the IAM role that defines the user's permissions when using this profile to get credentials through IAM Identity Center.

  • region: The default Amazon Region that this IAM Identity Center user signs into.


You can also add an IAM Identity Center enabled profile to your Amazon CLI by running the aws configure sso command. After running this command, you provide values for the IAM Identity Center start URL (sso_start_url) and the Amazon Region (region) that hosts the IAM Identity Center directory.

For more information, see Configuring the Amazon CLI to use Amazon Single Sign-On in the Amazon Command Line Interface User Guide.

Signing in with IAM Identity Center

When signing in with an IAM Identity Center profile, the default browser is launched to the sso_start_url specified in your credential file. You must verify your IAM Identity Center login before you can access your Amazon resources in Amazon Toolkit for Visual Studio. If your credentials expire, you'll have to repeat the connection process to obtain new temporary credentials.