Supported status codes for custom response - Amazon WAF, Amazon Firewall Manager, and Amazon Shield Advanced
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Supported status codes for custom response

For detailed information about HTTP status codes, see Status Codes by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and List of HTTP status codes on Wikipedia.

The following are the HTTP status codes that Amazon WAF supports for custom responses.

  • 2xx Successful

    • 200OK

    • 201Created

    • 202Accepted

    • 204No Content

    • 206Partial Content

  • 3xx Redirection

    • 300Multiple Choices

    • 301Moved Permanently

    • 302Found

    • 303See Other

    • 304Not Modified

    • 307Temporary Redirect

    • 308Permanent Redirect

  • 4xx Client Error

    • 400Bad Request

    • 401Unauthorized

    • 403Forbidden

    • 404Not Found

    • 405Method Not Allowed

    • 408Request Timeout

    • 409Conflict

    • 411Length Required

    • 412Precondition Failed

    • 413Request Entity Too Large

    • 414Request-URI Too Long

    • 415Unsupported Media Type

    • 416Requested Range Not Satisfiable

    • 421Misdirected Request

    • 429Too Many Requests

  • 5xx Server Error

    • 500Internal Server Error

    • 501Not Implemented

    • 502Bad Gateway

    • 503Service Unavailable

    • 504Gateway Timeout

    • 505HTTP Version Not Supported