Add resources to protect and configure protections - Amazon WAF, Amazon Firewall Manager, and Amazon Shield Advanced
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Add resources to protect and configure protections

Shield Advanced only protects the resources that you specify, either through Shield Advanced or in a Firewall Manager Shield Advanced policy. It doesn't automatically protect the resources of a subscribed account.

If you use an Amazon Firewall Manager Shield Advanced policy for your protections, you don't need to do this step. You configure the policy with the types of resource to protect, and Firewall Manager automatically adds protections to resources that are within scope of the policy.

If you don't use Firewall Manager, go through the following procedures for each account that has resources to protect.

To choose the resources to protect using Shield Advanced
  1. Choose Add resources to protect from the subscription confirmation page of the prior procedure, or from the Protected resources or Overview page.

  2. In the Choose resources to protect with Shield Advanced page, in Specify the Region and resource types, provide the Region and resource type specifications for the resources that you want to protect. You can protect resources in multiple Regions by selecting All Regions and you can narrow the selection to global resources by selecting Global. You can deselect any resource types that you do not want to protect. For information about protections for your resource types, see Amazon Shield Advanced protections by resource type.

  3. Choose Load resources. Shield Advanced populates the Select Resources section with the Amazon resources that match your criteria.

  4. In the Select Resources section, you can filter the list of resources by entering a string to search for in the resource listings.

    Select the resources that you want to protect.

  5. In the Tags section, if you want to add tags to the Shield Advanced protections that you are creating, specify those. For information about tagging Amazon resources, see Working with Tag Editor.

  6. Choose Protect with Shield Advanced. This adds Shield Advanced protections to the resources.

Continue through the console wizard screens to complete the configuration of your resource protections.